Firewalker | Route 66

Route 66 is a famous highway that runs through our great country. It was used by millions of vacationers and businessmen. This was a major highway with TONS of attractions and businesses spread out along the highway to help travelers along their journey. These small businesses thrived and kept many people employed in these small towns. Until the interstate system was laid out across our nations states, connecting almost every major city, making it easy to travel anywhere in our nation with a vehicle. But what happened to all the businesses on Route 66?

Because of an easier method of transportation, travelers were no longer frequenting this highway, and left many of these small businesses and towns with closed businesses and unemployment levels that made these folks move to cities, close to the main roads that everyone was using now.

How does this imply to me?

Our technology today increases everyone’s access to small businesses. As long as they are listed on the interstate system. If you don’t have an online presence and aren’t maintaining it, you fit into this group of Route 66 businesses. Your customers have a hard time reaching you, or might not even know you exist! We have the ability to take your business to where the customers are. They are searching for someone to give them their business/services, and if you aren’t listed, you don’t exist.

Get started with Firewalker Online today and find out what it’s like to have a business on the interstate!

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