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Every healthcare practice has an online presence. It can be managed, or not managed. And it can be a daunting task to keep up with the thousands of directories and search engines. There are directories online that have used your companies “online information” to put into their listings. If this online information is not correct, it will reflect badly on your practice, or even worse, won’t even link to your website.

Your patients are already online-

  • 80% of patients start at a search engine
  • 85% of online users seek health information on the web
  • Over half of the US is on Facebook, and the average user is connected to 80 community pages
  • Patients today are empowered and looking for a cure

Location, Location, Location – you know the saying. This is just as true in the digital realm as it is in the physical one. With so many active users online today, there is an amazing opportunity for you to offer your services to new customers. All of your online information helps start a relationship between you and your patients. Making that information accessible is key. Firewalker has the tools to manage your sites, listings, and total online presence. Why send another patient to your competitor, because you don’t have a respectable online presence?

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