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Google is constantly looking to increase their effectiveness of finding information the searcher is looking for. They have come to rely heavily on Business Reviews to rank websites on their search platform. These reviews help determine your business’ relevance to the searcher, their trustworthiness, & also the overall quality of the business.

The Google algorithm is constantly changing, but reviews will always play a major role in how your company looks online, & how search results are qualified. By using Google Places, you are opening up your door to online interaction between your business & your customers. Google Places is a local business directory that helps customers find & choose which business to use.

Reviews used to be handled by select review engines, like Yelp, CitySearch, & InsiderPages. Google, at one time, used these directories to help determine the search results. Now, Google has their own business directories, making it more important than ever to have your business listed with them. Because of the size of Google Places, Google no longer relies on these outside directories to find relevant information. They still play a small part, but not as much as they used to.

Google has 3.3 billion searches per day!

Google Places is also used to relay important business information to the customer. The address, phone number, menu of services, hours, popular times, & reviews are all found on Google by the searcher before they even click on your website. A handful of great reviews can mean the difference between making the first page & being lost altogether.

What better time than NOW, to take advantage of Google’s search results, & capture the customer’s attention & business. It is a highly competitive marketplace & reviews are becoming the most important piece of information search engines rely on to put you in contact with the buyer.

Placing your business on Google Places & welcoming the reviews are SO important to your future as a business, it is becoming standard practice. There are quite a few directory services for every industry. Getting you listed on them & monitoring them is necessary to increase your search traffic. Firewalker Online tracks & monitors these directories to keep your business on top.

“But I have so many bad reviews, how does that affect my search results today?”

The short answer is, negatively. If a directory sends you to a business with negative reviews, it is a bad reflection on the directory. The customer or searcher may never want to use that brand again, because they had a bad experience.

If you are in business today, you have offered a product or service to someone & they have been happy or satisfied with your business. Otherwise you would not be in business. So the smarter question to ask is, “How to I get more positive review?”

Be proactive. Ask for the reviews from your happy customers. You know they are happy with what you have provided them, & they are willing to write a short review for them, so ask for it. You cannot get a sale without asking for it, you cannot get a review without asking for it. So, ask the right people.

Make it easy for them to leave you a review. It is a small investment to set up a kiosk with a tablet in your place of business. Have it ready to go & have your employees trained to help them get logged in to leave the review. Always make sure it is secure, you do not want to be responsible for a person’s’ email & password to be leaked or stolen.

You never had to ask for a review from your customers before now, so this may be a change that is hard for your business to do. Don’t wait until the patient leaves & forget to ask them, you must be proactive if you really care about your SEO.

If you feel uncomfortable doing this, or just don’t have the time, give them an opportunity to leave their email address with you for sending out newsletters. Include a link in the newsletter for them to leave a review for you. The more positives you have, the higher the trustworthiness of your business with be to Google, & future customers.

Firewalker Online specializes in review services. We can send out newsletters, provide you with the necessary training on a kiosk, but most importantly we can monitor your reviews & let you know when you need more positives. With our Review Monitoring service, we can also try to get the negatives listed toward the bottom of list.

Think of reviews in percentages, because your customers do. If 9 out of 10 people give you a 5 star, & only 1 leaves negative, you are at 90% positive. Customers always want to see the star rating. They might not always rely on how many reviews were given, because they don’t have the time to read them all. Rest assured, they will always gravitate toward the negatives.

Firewalker Online wants to help you get listed high up on your search results and get you the positive reviews that your business deserves. Our business depends on improving your business’s online presence. Let Firewalker Online prove that to you.

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