Firewalker Online Small Business Consulting | Gilbert, Arizona

Based in Gilbert, AZ, Firewalker Online has been helping local businesses achieve higher sales and increase customer relationships, driving value and reputation.

Firewalker is an online services company with one goal in mind, to help small business retain their online reputation and build customer relationships through digital marketing solutions. If your business is not listed at the top of search results or you don’t have any followers on your social media accounts, you might want to think about your online strategy.

Do you have…

  • Negative online reviews

  • 0 social media followers

  • An outdated website

  • No website

  • No online sales

Your website, social media, search results, CRM, and online marketing plan is probably the answer. Most small businesses don’t have the money to invest in an employee to manage all of these areas for you.

So what do you do? Send us a message, we would be happy to walk you through the process. We can do a quick review of your online presence and give you a report card, showing the areas for improvement if your presence is falling behind.

We have the experience necessary to take your small business to the next level of selling online and increasing your exposure to digital marketing platforms. Your small business needs to be online.

We are currently offering free, in person consultations to small businesses in Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa Arizona. We will review your business and discuss how our solutions will help save you time and increase revenue.

We believe that Small Business has to be Smart Business. It is hard for a small business to be able to staff someone to take care of your online presence. It takes money and time away from your core business. With our personalized services, we can fill in that void, for a fraction of the cost of hiring another employee. With lower overhead, you can focus your time and money on YOUR business. Best of all, our services are scalable with the size and need of your organization.

Our Digital Marketing Results

Our Online Marketing strategies are tailored to the unique needs of your audience and brand objectives.  And with the right digital marketing approach, you can see improved conversion rate, boost in ROI, and overall better user engagement.


Every healthcare practice has an online presence. It can be managed, or not managed. And it can be a daunting task to keep up with the thousands of directories and search engines. There are directories online that have used your companies “online information” to put into their listings. If this online information is not correct, it will reflect badly on your practice, or even worse, won’t even link to your website.

Your patients are already online-

  • 80% of patients start at a search engine

  • 85% of online users seek health information on the web

  • Over half of the US is on Facebook, and the average user is connected to 80 community pages

  • Patients today are empowered and looking for a cure

Location, Location, Location – you know the saying. This is just as true in the digital realm as it is in the physical one. With so many active users online today, there is an amazing opportunity for you to offer your services to new customers. All of your online information helps start a relationship between you and your patients. Making that information accessible is key. Firewalker has the tools to manage your sites, listings, and total online presence. Why send another patient to your competitor, because you don’t have a respectable online presence?


Consultants offer their expertise in many different areas, and you want to show that level of professionalism online. Without a professional looking presence, how will they trust you to be an expert in anything?  With a good strategy, direct management, and a good online presence, your clients will trust your business even more. Let us at Firewalker handle your online content and social media updating, so you can focus on what you are great at!


Owning a successful restaurant in the 21st century requires having a web presence. It will increase your exposure to the millions of people using online services to find your restaurant, utilizing the cheap or FREE marketing methods that appeal to your customer base.

Tell your restaurant’s story through your online presence. People need a good reason to visit your restaurant, and having a good story makes you stand out from your competition. They make a connection to your story and WANT to be a part of it.

Many people now are “checking in” at their restaurants, to share with their friends where they are and what they are doing. Without an online presence, they cannot share their visit with all of their friends. When we can maintain these social media connections with our visitors, and give them a positive experience, they will share this with all of their friends for you.

Having a designated website will affect how customers see your business. Having a well laid out and designed website will show those who haven’t been to your restaurant before, that you are professional and worth their time and money.

Getting registered with the proper search engines and putting your business on their MAP, will allow them to get to your store without confusion and frustration. These include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp to name a few.

Technology is changing everyday, we can help you stay on top of that, and bring you the customers you deserve.

With a smart social media plan, your firm can impress and show a level of professionalism that surpasses your competitors, and build trust with your clients. Creating an online presence can give your firm a voice, driving new business through your front doors.

Directories are an important part in getting your firm noticed online. There are many directories located online that are meant to help customers get in touch with you. Without being listed in these directories, you might as well not exist. Firewalker can research your online presence, analyze the markets where you need to be seen, and list your firm on these directories, increasing your visibility.

“Online Store”

Your digital storefront, or website, is the “online” face of your company. By maximizing your site’s digital presence, you will be able to attract more customers and take a greater share of the market. Our company will work with you to turn your site’s visitors into qualified sales leads and contacts.